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Care Reform Information
The Affordable Care Act has changed the financing, delivery and regulation of health care.

MD Excellence will help you understand the law and how it will affect you. We invite you to visit this website for health care reform news and updates.
Our Vision
Help Ophthalmologists navigate thru the new complicated health care delivery systems.

To provide independent practices with the practice management and clinical skills necessary to maximize your efficiency and profitability.
Our Model
Help Ophthalmologists thrive by improving efficiencies in every aspect of their practice.

MD Excellence offers exclusive staff training through our innovative Office Manager Certification Course.

Member Benefits
1. One-on-one practice management consulting for YOUR individual practice needs at a reduced fee.

2. Capturing lost revenue and lower cost of goods through MDX Vendor Partners.
"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the help OD Excellence has afforded my practice.

We are one of the few MD practices utilizing the benefits of OD Excellence since our start up six years ago." - Douglas J. Ripkin, M.D.