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Guide to Using Your Worksheets

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eye doctor health care reform
The journey that you will be taking to prepare your office for health care reform as it unfolds in your community is an individual path that is unique to you and your office. The worksheets that are available to you through OD Excellence's health care reform program help you organize the process as well as document the important information that you gather. The worksheets are only visible to you and the staff of OD Excellence. This will allow us to collaborate and guide you through the most efficient process to get fully prepared in the time frame that works for you.

How the worksheets are structured
There are a series of worksheets that fall into different categories which are listed below. You can complete part of any worksheet and go back and continue to work later. What you have entered will always be there and you can use the worksheets in any order.

As you fill out the worksheets, you will see many links which provide additional information or guidance when needed. These links will discuss specific activities that you are doing, give you additional background information, and provide suggestions on how to complete the section you are working on.

Periodically, you will be prompted to contact OD Excellence to setup a strategy session. This will give us a chance to collaborate with you directly and consider the information you have entered into the worksheets to develop a strategy for success that is right for you.
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